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Wrexham Inclusion FC and We Are Plas Madoc have joined forces to give children and teenagers of Plas Madoc and surrounding areas an opportunity to have an outlet and focus point to come together and be part of a project that goes a lot further than playing football, with sessions taking place Every Wednesday at plas madoc leisure centre (PMLC)


We Are Plas Madoc (WAPM) is a play and community development group thats aim is to enhance and develop opportunities for the residents and wider community, to which they plan and oversee activities and events that residents can enjoy, to improve quality of life for all ages.

Plas Madoc is currently in the bottom 10 percent in the WIMD (Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation). This calculates health, housing, education, employment and access to services.

WIFC Project Manager Wayne Greenshields, added: "Provision for young people has been on the rise in Plas Madoc with the introduction of the outdoor play provision and their open access facilities as well as the play scheme and get out and play activities.This has been furthered by the great work of the community group 'We are Plas Madoc' who have brought the community together through karaoke, bingo, events, and more notably youth clubs and now football sessions."

Donna Jordan, Community Development Officer, said: "The aim of this joint work is to fulfil the gap and needs of the youth who have requested football sessions. What better than to collaborate with Wrexham Inclusion Football Club who have that skillset and knowledge to not only work with the youth, but provide preventative measures of anti-social behaviour."

Sessions will run every Wednesday from 19:15 to 20:15 to everybody 16 and under. The Sessions are free and refreshments will be provided

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