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Vote For Wrexham In The Skipton Community Grant

September 2, 2017

More superb news for the Wrexham Inclusion Football Club as weve been shortlisted for the Skipton community grants scheme. There is £500 on offer the the top voted community groups. Please go to the following link


and add your email address and vote. We have until the 13th october to vote so please make every vote count. 


The following is taken from the skip ton website for your information..


"Service user support group to support people from substance misuse, criminal justice, disability, homelessness, social isolation and anxiety, obesity and many more backgrounds. 

We offer a bespoke training session through the medium of football, the players can be selected to represent our disability team and/or mental health team in competitions all around the UK"

Group introduction

We support over 40 service users every week and see up to 60 different faces every calendar month. Our group offers a volunteering and learning sector to our work that encourages our players to further their individual horizons. Further to this we have a credit scheme that allows players to fund their travel, over night stay,, kits and food through volunteering and commitment to the club.
I am the general manager of the club and in charge of all non related football activities, Carl Austin is our football manager and manages all on field activities, and our final management person is Andy Calton who manages our social media and marketing. 

We are the largest voluntary mental health team in the UK, and the largest overall club in Wales. 
Players can progress through our ranks, play in competitions, volunteer with the club and grow in their own lives and recovery.


This year we have travelled to competitions in Munich where we ranked 4th in the European mental health competition, and 4 weeks later lost in the final of the George Best Community Cup in Belfast. 
The club allows the players to explore new situations, players must showcase an ever growing and positive life choice,

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would be used to support the ever growing credit token scheme that helps players purchase kit, clothing, competitions, travel etc at a much more subsidised rate.
Players through this scheme feel the benefits of feeling part of a club, a family, a togetherness. Players can boast they wear the pride of Wrexham and are uniformed together. The scheme is one of uniqueness and diversity in approach, however one we are proud to support and can maybe see a reduction in attending a tournament from 15 pounds to a more manageable 5 to 10 pounds.

""Football has not only changed my life - its saved my life."
Alex Hall"



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